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Mozilla Thunderbird

From the same company that brings you Firefox the best web browser on the planet comes Mozilla Thunderbird, a free and open source standalone e-mail application. Thunderbird is now used by millions of people worldwide who needed a better way to organize and secure their email. It is loaded with features and options that puts you in control of how you send and receive mail, and just like Firefox, there are a lot of great themes and extensions available for you to customize Thunderbird. This guide will direct you to the resources that you need to get started using Thunderbird, and it also provides some resources for current fans and users as well.

Thunderbird's Main Window

Thunderbird offers a clean and intuitive interface that is is easy to use and learn.

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Thunderbird's Compose Window

Thunderbird also provides familiar email composing format options.

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Here are some helpful links that will get you started with using and enjoying Thunderbird.

Download Mozilla Thunderbird
Thunderbird is free and available in more than 35 different languages. Download it now and you'll see how easy it is to organize, secure, and customize your mail.

Thunderbird Features List
View a list of Thunderbird features as presented by the Mozilla Corporation.

Thunderbird Themes Screenshots
The default Thunderbird theme is sharp and polished, but you also have the option of choosing another theme to make Thunderbird yours. Here we present screen shots of several popular Thunderbird themes.

Thunderbird Extensions
View a listing of helpful extensions that are fun to use and those that aid you in productivity.

Thunderbird Help and Support
If you have any problems with setting up or using Thunderbird, you can take advantage of the free online help that is available in the mozillaZine forums.

Thunderbird Knowledge Base
The knowledge base offers the best place to learn how to use Thunderbird to its full potential. From solving simple problems to learning advanced customization and tweaking tips, the knowledge base is a great resource center.

Thunderbird Wallpapers
Available in different resolutions, you can show off your Thunderbird pride with these cool desktop backgrounds.

Thunderbird Graphics
Download the official Mozilla Thunderbird logo and wordmark for using to make Thunderbird promotional materials, wallpapers, or other.

Spread Thunderbird
Join with other Thunderbird users and fans from around the World to help to promote awarenes and adoption of Mozilla Thunderbird.