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Here is a list of all free graphics from's graphics section. These graphics are free from (monetary) charge but there are usage guidelines for when you want to use these for something other than for personal use.
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Zodiac Graphics

gemini icon

Zodiac signs, wallpapers, icons, and more in various sizes and styles.


smiley icon

Download 39 different smileys in several different sizes and formats including .ico, .icns, and .png.

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang symbol

Free Yin and Yang graphics in 12 different colors and 3 sizes including 256x256, 500x500, and 1000x1000px.

Web Graphics

blue flower icon

Seven different sets of free web graphics that come in 8 different colors per set at size 256x256, transparent PNGs.

Peace Signs

rainbow colored peace sign

Free peace sign transparent png graphics in 40 different colors. Sizes include 256x256 and 1060x1060 pixels.


Heart icon

A collection of hearts in 5 different colors and 5 styles sized at 256x256, transparent PNG format.

Musical Notes

black musical note

Three downloadable sets of musical notes sized at 256x256 transparent PNG format. Each set contains 9 colors.


glossy red sphere

Nine downloadable sets of spheres and orbs sized at 256x256 transparent PNG format. Each set contains several different colors. More than 100 total.

RSS Graphics

RSS Icon

Free RSS graphics that come in sizes 16x16 up to 500x500. Formats include .ICO, .ICNS, .PNG.

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