Sharp Color Picker Console

The Sharp Color Picker Console is a great tool to create, find, or tweak any color imaginable. It is great for getting your own custom colors for your website, blog, or graphics project.


Paste in the color code of an existing color into the RGB or Hex text box..
Choose a cross browser color from the Color Select Menu.
Hover over the color picker panel, click to lock your color and then move your mouse away from the color picker panel.
Fine tune your colors using the up and down arrows in the HSB and RGB sections.
In addition to the color picker preview window, the page background color will change to match the color that you have selected.

The Sharp Color Picker Console was created by Michael Buckley of

Sharp PickerColor v 2.0
Color Select Color Scheme
Color Scheme
X Color Picker Panel < Click to select color.
All Colors in pallet are browser safe

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