Mozilla and Firefox Games

playing cards poker chips and a drink coaster

Fun With Firefox

Take some time to have some fun with these classic games featuring Firefox and other Mozilla products. Most of the games require that you have Firefox installed. To replay or reset a game, hit F5 or refresh the page.
Play the games in true fullscreen in Firefox, get the Autohide firefox add-on. It will display Firefox in full screen without any toolbars or obstructions allowing for maximum amount of playing field to be used and viewed. The preview images below are only thumbnails and are shown much smaller than the actual game sizes.

Mozilla Slots Machine

Spin the slots and win some gold! Ok, so it's pretend gold.
Well, it's just some ones, zeros, and pixels, but it's fun!
Putting up your house or car for collateral isn't necessary.

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picture of a slots machine game

Play Mozilla Slots

Browser Wars Tic Tac Toe

You as Firefox battle either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome
for market share through the classic game of Tic Tac Toe.

Play - IE vs Firefox
picture of a tic tac toe game board

Play - Chrome vs Firefox
picture of a tic tac toe game board

Mozilla Memory Game

The Mozilla Memory Game is an adptation of the game concentration.

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Concentration game board

Play the Mozilla Memory Game

Mozilla Drop Game

Remove as many icons as you can in one click to rack up points.

Enlarge Image
Firefox icons

Play the Mozilla Drop Game

Mozilla Slide Puzzles

Nine different Mozilla themed slide puzzles to choose from.
Includes the option to set the numbers of columns and rows yourself.

Enlarge Image
picture of a slots machine game

Enlarge Image
picture of a slots machine game

Play Mozilla Slide Puzzles

Browser Wars Checkers

Firefox (you) take on Internet Explorer (PC) in a challenging game of checkers.
Available in different languages and skill levels.

picture of a checker game board

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Play Browser Wars Checkers

Firefox Jigsaw Puzzles

Check out these free Firefox and Mozilla computer jigsaw puzzles.
They are all downloadable so you can play them at anytime offline.

jigsaw puzzle pieces

Enlarge Image

Get Firefox Puzzles


Special thanks to the follwoing who made these Mozilla and Firefox games possible.
Michael Buckley- Code adaptation and development
Otto de Voogd- Code adaptation and development

Mozilla and Firefox Games Graphic
Created by Ken Saunders using resources from the following.
Poker chips - Sed-rah-Stock
Drink coaster texture and water marks - djeric
Wood texture -
Card brush - melemel
Card brush - NayaG

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