The Best Freeware Download Sites

These sites have all been checked and reviewed but you should always scan everything that you download. We use Avast Virus Detection & Removal. Get a copy, both Free & Pro versions (Cnet)
Probably the most popular and trusted. For Freeware, Got to bottom of page after selecting a topic and use the Filter.

For Freeware, Got to bottom of page after selecting a topic and use the Filter.

Harder to find just Freeware, but a good site with software reviews.
Very Large selection of Freeware Downloads. Easy to navigate, software is very well described.
Excellent site! If you want something computer related, chances are that they have it. Items are clearly listing freeware, shareware etc.+filter tool. A Mouse Runner favorite.
This site is great! A must see! You'll definitely find many useful things to download for yourself or your site.
Large and excellent selection with ratings, reviews, popularity and more on each download.

Great selection of Freeware

Open Source Software-The selection of Freeware is overwhelming. If you can't find software here, it probably doesn't exist.

Great reputation and good selection.

If you have the time, there are Freeware Downloads in over 100 categories. When I do have the time, I love to window shop here.

Simple to use and navigate, clean interface, worth visiting.
Very simple to navigate, good selection.

Free Downloads
Use the Show filter for freeware. I have sometimes had problems downloading form here. It's better to go to the Homepage of the product that your trying to download but has an excellent selection.
Huge selection of freeware downloads and other free sources.
Nicely laid out, simple to navigate, large selection, user reviews.
Excellent site, clean, simple, exstensive selection.
12 Categories and over 50 sub-categories of all Freeware Downloads.
As the name implies, huge selection (watch out for ad-ware Downloads, clearly listed).
Clean interface & unique selection.