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Toolbar Buttons for Firefox

Screen shot of Toolbar Buttons for Firefox

More than 5,000 Firefox users per week are discovering that they can customize Firefox better than ever by using Toolbar Buttons. Toolbar Buttons is a highly popular Firefox add-on that allows you to choose from over 100 buttons to add to your Firefox toolbars. Toolbar Buttons gives you quick one click access to Firefox's functions saving you time and reducing the amount of mouse clicks needed to enable a Firefox feature. Toolbar Buttons is extremely easy to install and fun to use.

Installation and Use

You can install Toolbar Buttons from the Firefox add-ons site or directly from the developers site where you are always sure to get the latest version. The install links are further down on this page.

After installing Toolbar Buttons, right click on a Firefox toolbar and select customize.

Firefox customize menu screenshot

You can add a toolbar button to any of the Firefox toolbars except the Bookmarks toolbar by simply clicking on a buton and dragging it to a toolbar.

Firefox customize toolbar window scren shot 1

Firefox customize toolbar window scren shot 2

You may also choose to create a new toolbar to add your Toolbar Buttons to. To do this, right click on a Firefox toolbar and select customize. Next, select "Add New Toolbar", name it, click ok, then drag and drop your buttons onto your new toolbar. Note: A new toolbar will not show if there isn't any items on it.

Firefox customize toolbar window scren shot 3

Firefox customize toolbar window scren shot 3

Firefox customize toolbar window scren shot 4

The Buttons

Click on the image or the "Enlarge Image" link for a full clear view of the Toolbar Buttons.
You can also view a full list of the buttons further down on this page.

Screen shot of Firefox Toolbar Buttons

Enlarge Image

Get Toolbar Buttons

Toolbar Buttons is also available for Thunderbird, Flock, and Sunbird.
(Buttons differ per application)
You may also be interested in the Custom Toolbar Buttons Maker where you can choose from a list of only the buttons that you want to use and have a custom extension made for you at no cost.

Install from the developers site

Install from the Firefox Add-ons site

About Toolbar Buttons for Firefox

Michael Buckley
Web site-
Other Add-ons-
Custom Button Maker
Text Formatting Toolbar
Minimize To Tray Enhancer

Current List of Toolbar Buttons for Firefox

  • Add-ons
  • Console
  • Customize Toolbar
  • DOMi
  • Exit
  • Extensions
  • Import
  • Install
  • Minimize
  • Options
  • Page Setup
  • Profile
  • Redo
  • Reload Proxy
  • Restart
  • Select All
  • Status Bar
  • Themes
  • Toolbars
  • Undo
  • Update
  • Change Dictionary
  • Change Text Direction
  • Delete
  • Enlarge
  • Find
  • Find Again
  • Find Previous
  • Help
  • Print Preview
  • Reduce
  • Reset
  • Save
  • Source
  • Work Offline
  • about:config
  • About
  • Bookmark All
  • Bookmark Manager
  • Bookmark Menu
  • Bookmark Page
  • Bookmark Toolbar
  • Bottom
  • Change Home
  • Clear Data
  • Clear Url Bar
  • Close All
  • Close Other
  • Close Tab
  • Extensions
  • Extensions
  • Favorite Page
  • Full Screen
  • Gmail
  • Google
  • Hide Images
  • Hotmail
  • Link From Clipboard
  • Link Open Setting
  • New Message
  • Next Tab
  • Open
  • Page Info
  • PayPal
  • Previous Tab
  • Quick Bookmark
  • Read Mail
  • Read News
  • Reload Skip Cache
  • Reload Tabs
  • Remove Label
  • Remove Labels
  • Rename Tab
  • Restart Tabbed
  • Save Frame
  • Send Link
  • Show Current Frame
  • Show Frame
  • Stop All
  • Tab List
  • Themes
  • Themes
  • Toggle Animation
  • Toggle Cookies
  • Toggle Flash
  • Toggle Images
  • Toggle Java
  • Toggle JavaScript
  • Toggle Movies
  • Toggle Toolbar
  • Toggle embeded content
  • Toggle iframes (blocks some ads)
  • Toogle Styles
  • Toolbar Bookmark Menu
  • Top
  • Translate
  • Undo Close Tab
  • Web Search
  • Wikipedia
  • Yahoo Mail
  • about:cache
  • about:cache Disk
  • about:cache Memory
  • about:plugins
  • eBay

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