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Firefox is the free Web browser that more than 120 million people Worldwide are using to surf the Internet. Firefox is free, it offers a safer more private way of surfing the Internet, and you can customize your Firefox with over 1,000 free themes and other add-ons. The Firefox Beginner's Guide brings you easy to follow guides and full sized screenshots of Firefox and its features so that you can get a quick overview of what Firefox has to offer and how to use it.

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Firefox Slideshow

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Get a quick overview of Firefox and some its features through the Firefox Slideshow.

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See the Difference


See the differences between Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Go to- See the Difference

What is Firefox?

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An introduction to Firefox

Go to- What is Firefox?

What is a Web Browser?

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A brief definition and a diagram of what a Web browser is.

Go to- What is a Web Browser?

Firefox Features List

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Check out some of the many features that come pre-installed with Firefox.

Go to- Firefox Features List

Firefox System Requirements

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Minimum system requirements needed to run and install Firefox sorted by operating system.

Go to- Firefox System Requirements

How to install Firefox

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Step by step instructions through full sized screenshots on how to install Firefox.

Go to- How to install Firefox

Firefox Import Wizard

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Easily import your browser Favorites, passwords, and more into Firefox.

Go to- Firefox Import Wizard

Terminology Differences

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Terminology differences between Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Go to- Terminology Differences

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