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Mouserunner.com is a collection of good, free, high quality content. We provide pre-screened and pre-tested links, downloads, guides, reviews and more on many topics all in a simple to read and navigate format. While there are currently over 64 million websites online, with billions of items of every imaginable thing, our goal is to keep it very simple and present you with quick and accurate resources.

How Mouse Runner came about

In the winter of 2004, a goal was established to create a website that highlights and brings together some of the best free resources and services available on the Internet. Three years later we find that we have achieved that goal and we now continue to create original content and seek out the best of the Internet to add more free resources for all that stop by Mouse Runner and visit. We consider ourselves to be a pit stop or rest area for online surfers passing by on their way to where ever they may be going on the Internet, and we try to offer a little of everything for everyone.

About the Name

As we define it since there is no known definition, a Mouse Runner is someone that operates a computer mouse for selfless purposes and for the good of others.

About Advertisements

We display very few ads on Mouse Runner, far less than most websites and the promotional materials that we show are for free software and services. We don't believe in Pop-ups or annoying ads that distract you from the site's content, so we only use tasteful non obtrusive ads that are custom designed.


"With so many sites Online, we know that we are extremely privileged to have you stop by Mouse Runner". A sincere thanks from Ken Saunders, MouseRunner.com owner/operator.

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